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  Retrogrades Charts by Mohan Koparkar

Mohan Koparkar, Ph.D., 1980: Mohan Enterprises, P.O. Box 18334, Rochester, N.Y., 14618; $11.95, paperback 6 " x 9"; 142 pages with table of contents, glossy white cover with black lettering and drawings.
ISBN# 0-918922-07-0.

This book begins with the sentence: "Retrogradation is a phenomenon of the opposition." The information that follows is a precise and orderly presentation of the dynamics and combinations of the retrograde planet(s). Then there is the effect of house rulers, interceptions, group functioning, progressions, transits, reincarnation, and mundane astrology. Whew!

It sounds like a lot but the author is successful again in creating a manual that is simple to use. The following chapters take each planet separately, starting with Mercury, and delineate each as they pass through the houses; in regard to their house rulership; in opposition to the direct planets; and in opposition to the retrograde planets.

And the delineations, what are they like? When you read what applies to yourself with the retrogrades taken from exact positions in your own chart it feels therapeutic at some points — shocking in others. Secret thoughts are exposed and your "modus operande" is there for the world to see.

Here are some excerpts: On p. 34. "Retrograde Venus Through the Third House: Soft spoken, charming communication, good voice or expression, excellent body language... Takes an easy way out regarding learning. May cheat in education but gets away with it because of the cute grin on his face. Likes exquisite surroundings, gains and losses through brothers/sisters... good manners when he is in the mood..." Page 37 cites: "Retrograde Venus Ruling the Fourth House: Domestic comforts and a lot of artistic, creative, and decorative influence at home is significant here... Not being able to satisfy himself under any conditions makes him a spoiled child. In a man's case, he becomes the mama's boy and is given a lot of concessions and privileges... This motherly over-shadow hurts his masculinity and self-assertiveness. In a woman's case, she always tries to out-do her mother or turn worst than her... The native is not very sure of his family roots and traditions and how they actually affect them..." Retrograde Venus opposite Pluto (p. 46) reveals: "Romantic manipulation appears in this case as the true emotions fluctuate with uncertainty... Often he overextends himself financially just to help others and ends up by paying for it in the long run. At times it may be the fault of the spouse who might be a social butterfly or socially attracted..." Retrograde Venus opposite retrograde Jupiter (p. 47) tells us: "Considerable financial diversification noticed in this case. Over indulgence is significant at times, but then all of a sudden, financial depletions hound the native... The person will not even hesitate to put his love and money on the line to get the happiness he wants... Luck is given more priority over hard, constructive efforts..."

What about fate vs. free will? There definitely is free will here. After you see what "lies ahead" you can adjust your own cognitive processes to begin to avoid the pitfalls and shortcomings in life.

This author is making a wonderful "road map" available to us. Don't pass this book up either for your astrological library. In my opinion, I would suggest that the reviewed books by Dr. Koparkar (which are relatively inexpensive) be purchase and used as a set.