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  Precise Progressed Charts by Mohan Koparkar

Precise Progressed Charts
Mohan Koparkar, Ph.D., 1976: Mohan Enterprises, P.O. Box 18334, Rochester, N.Y., 14618; $9.95, paperback 5.75 " x 8.75"; 112 pages with table of contents, glossy white cover with black lettering and one star circling from the rim of a blank chart; also noted on cover: Understand the Potential, Principle & Culmination Structure of an event.
ISBN# 0-918922-03-8.

This review section critiques six of Dr. Koparkar's books. The point I want to make is that they are designed to "work together" as a whole. All that can be acquired from consulting the above texts may be made more perfectly accurate by applying the procedures in Precise Progressed Charts.

This text begins with Event-Formation. This is the total integration of methodology and cosmic phenomenon that results in a simple and effective method of event analysis in the Precise Progressed Chart (PPC). (This is a dynamic system that takes into account not only the conditions that occur during the time of birth but also the successive conditions afterward). The PPC is a way of isolating a particular progression so we can focus our attention on one specific day. Then we can determine the internal desires, attitude, and potentiality of the coming event. The precise progressed house cusps will decide the final outcome.

Though this may sound complex, it's for anyone who is already familiar with the erection of a natal chart. The author has a "cook book" approach where one can just follow the steps with a pencil and paper. You don't need a computer to do the math. And this can be done on relocation charts too. In just minutes you will see how the energy in the chart is being directed.

Important issues addressed are: the progressed eclipse; the effects of transiting eclipses; and the retrogradation of transiting planets are in Chapters 6, 7, and 8. Next, we have: Games Planets Play — which is a "light-hearted" look at the effects of the faster moving planets in progressed and transiting stages of retrogradation.

What is really fascinating in Chapter 10 is that the author shows us how to inverse the entire horoscope to see our past life conditions. It is even more intriguing to learn how the PPC can be used in place of a horary chart to get answers or the conditions at that time. Would you like to know the effect of the combined destiny of two individuals with the PPC? Did you know that chart rectification can be accomplished by PPCs too? It can.

Wow! Birth and long-term living in a space habitat! Only the author, with his mechanical engineering background, could write on such a topic. Without being too complex about physics, such as incident radiation and so forth, a prize-winning reprint of a technological article tells us about the astrological implications on secondary progressions in space stations.

Many individual and corporate charts are presented as examples. Every page can teach you something and there is a lot to learn here. You don't want to pass this one up. This compendium of new techniques and directions is a welcome addition to your personal reference library.