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  Moon Mansions by Mohan Koparkar

Moon Mansions
Mohan Koparkar, Ph.D., 1974: Mohan Enterprises, P.O. Box 18334, Rochester, N.Y., 14618; $10.95, paperback 6" x 9"; 128 pages with index, glossy white cover with black lettering with a black ink drawing of an elaborate mansion.
ISBN# 0-918922-01-1.

This is Eastern philosophy adapted for the Western astrologer and it's fun. The zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts and is based on daily lunar movement. This gives a wider spectrum of chart delineation.

First, we have instructions on how to convert the planets, luminaries, ASC, and Mc to get the Sidereal positions. Then the author explains how to use the Moon Mansions by assimilating the nature of the planet that governs the Moon Mansion, the sign and ruler of the Mansion, and the planet(s) that occupy the house, if any. Next we learn how Mansions can be prominent in accidents, business, and artistic ability.

The author assures us that all of this gives accurate psychological descriptions. In addition, chart comparisons can be determined along with physical, mental, and emotional compatibility. Of course, I wanted to see if "it worked."

I randomly pulled a chart from my files which happened to be of Gwyneth Paltrow and made the sidereal corrections. Her Midheaven falls into the 20th Lunar Mansion which is ruled by Venus and, sure enough, "films or musical shows" is listed as one of the most commonly observed professions for these people.

Though this is only one item, it does indicate that the delineations in this book are "on target."

But, to make sure that your planets are in the correct Mansions, see Precise Progressed Charts, which is also by this author. Read Moon Mansions. I'm sure you'll be glad that you own it.